• Ismaksan-Progressive-Cavity-Pumps
    Ismaksan Progressive Cavity Pumps

    Progressing Cavity Pumps can be used in any area of industry where a great variety of different substances must be pumped or very precisely dosed. From low viscosity media to products barely capable of flowing, with or without solid content, shear-sensitive, sticky or abrasive, even difficult substances are conveyed gently and under low pulsation. Ismaksan pumps are particularly compact and economical. Our pumps are also differentiates themselves by means of low investment, operating and maintenance costs. Four rotor/stator geometries are available to cover a broad spectrum of products and applications. Contact us and we will help you find the optimal solution for your particular application. Ismaksan Progressing Cavity Pumps offers you; • Gentle product conveyance, • Pump connections in accordance with international standards, as well as in specially designed models, • Easy serviceability. Take advantage of our decades of experience and know-how in the manufacturing of positive-displacement pumps...

  • Ismaksan-Rotary-Lobe-Pumps
    Ismaksan Rotary Lobe Pumps

    Ismaksan offers a full line of Rotary Lobe Pump models to suit various applications and operating conditions. Ismaksan Rotary Lobe Pumps designed for abrasive and viscous liquids. All our rotary lobe pumps can run dry without damage, self prime and run in forward or reverse. They are great for suction lift applications up to 25'. Due to our convoluted Lobe design, our pumps delivers pulsation free pumping action making it ideal for many applications. All Ismaksan Pumps are constructed with easy maintenance in mind. By simply removing the front cover, the entire wet end can be accessed for routine or preventative maintenance. Wear parts can be replaced without disturbing any connected piping. Ismaksan Rotary Lobe Pumps offers you; • High solids & abrasives handling, • Longer sealing lines with better volumetric efficiency, • Better intake capacity, even at low speeds, • Up to double the life of wear parts, • Reduced operating costs. Take advantage of our decades of experience and know-how in the manufacturing of positive-displacement pumps...

  • Ismaksan-Universal-Parts
    Ismaksan Universal Parts

    Ismaksan has a reputation for quality in both equipment and parts. Over recent years it has been our mission to use our manufacturing and engineering expertise to expand our product offering to include a range of high quality Ismaksan Universal Parts, suitable for many other brands of Progressing Cavity (PC) Pumps and Rotary Lobe Pumps. For others not listed, please contact us.
    • Seepex™ Pump Parts
    • NETZSCH™ Pump Parts
    • Mono™ Pump Parts
    • ALLWEILER™ Pump Parts
    • VOGELSANG™ Pump Parts
    • PCM™ Pump Parts
    • ROBBINS & MYERS™ Pump Parts
    • Bornemann™ Pump Parts
    • ORBIT™ Pump Parts
    Ismaksan Universal Parts attract the same warranties and guarantees as Ismaksan original parts for Ismaksan equipment. To make a comparison between Ismaksan Universal Parts and original manufacturer spares, just ask for a no obligation quotation.

Please send an e-mail to sales@ismaksan.com for quotation or use the Product Request Form below...

Progressive Cavity Pumps and Rotary Lobe Pumps for Food and Beverage Industry, Environmental Engineering, Potable Water, Renewable Energies, Pulp and Paper Industry, Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Industry...